Frequent questions about Japan or Japanese

I’m now living in Kyrgyzstan as a volunteer. People in Kyrgyzstan ask me about Japan or Japanese. Some questions are frequently asked.

I have replied to those questions at each moment without preparations. But I thought that I should assume them and prepare to answer them.

So I listed up questions that I’m frequently asked by Kyrgyzes.

    1. Where do you live in Japan. / Which part of Japan are you from?
    2. Is that city far from Tokyo (the capital of Japan)?
    3. Is that city close to Fukushima? (This question has been given after March 11th 2011.)
    4. How many is the population of Japan.
    5. Are there many Kyrgyzes in Japan?
    6. Are there mountains in Japan?
    7. How high is the highest mountain in Japan? (Height of Mt. Fuji is 3,776 meters.)
    8. All roads in Japan are paved, aren’t they?
    9. Japanese eat fishes a lot?
    10. Do Japanese eat muttons (or horsemeat)?
    11. What are national or popular foods in Japan?
    12. What is the religion of Japanse?
    13. How Buddhists (or Shintoists) worship?
    14. Are there many Muslims in Japan?
    15. Which religion do you belive in? (A personal question.)
    16. Are you married? (A personal question.)
    17. What is the average age of a marriage of Japanese?
    18. How much is the monthly income of Japanese?
    19. How much does it cost to go to Japan by airplane?
    20. What is the language that people speak in Japan?
    21. Are Japanese language and Korean language the same?
    22. Do you have alphabets in Japanese? Are they original?
    23. Are Japanese, Chinese and Korean letters simular?
    24. Japanese understand Chinese or Korean language, don’t you? (or “Can you read…?”)

Possibly in other countries also they are asked; I also ask foreigner these questions. Can you immediately answer questions about your own country?

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