Introducing myself, my activities, and Kyrgyzstan.

For English readers, I’m going to write about my activities.

I’ve been in Kyrgyzstan since August of 2010. I’m dispatched by JICA, which stands for “Japan International Cooperate Agency”. JICA dispatches over 3,000 volunteers to developing countries every year.

The term of us, JICA volunteers, is 2 years. Which means I will work as a volunteer in Kyrgyzstan till July of 2012. A year and a half remains for me.


In Kyrgyzstan I work at NPO, “Shoola-Kol”. In russian letters “Шоола-Кол”. “Shoola” means dawn in Kyrgyz, and “Kol” is a lake. It’s a cool name, isn’t it?

Here I work for children and adults who are disabled or handicapped at our center. In Japan also I had worked for those people. But it’s hard to apply my experiences to the center. Now I’m trying to fine what I can do in the center.

In the village where I live people mainly speak in Kyrgyz. It’s also a problem for me. Because I’d been trained Russian. Even Russian, I’m not able to speak what I want to say. Off course people in the village can understand and speak in Russian, because Kyrgyzstan was a member of USSR. When I speak to them in Russian, they answer in Russian. Among them, they rarely speak in Russin, but always in Kyrgyz.

So I decided to study Kyrgyz and have started now.

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