Ground views of Kyrgyzstan from the sky

These are pictres which I took, when I moved to Kyrgyzstan from Japan on July 2010.


See these mountains. They seem just like bare ground, because there’re few greens on mountains. The picture above, I’m not really sure that I certainly took Kyrgyzstan’s ground or not. It might be Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan.


This one might be Kyrgyzstan. Because, you see, the airplane already lowered its altitude close to the ground. These patterns are, I guess, farming areas.


The airplane almost got landing to the Kyrgyz main enterance of sky, which is called "Manas International Airport”. The date that I came to Kyrgyzstan was in midsummer. "Midsummer” is “manatsu(まなつ)" in Japanese. It sounds like "Manas”, doesn’t it? (Only Japanese understands?)

Now it’s winter, not summer. So those views also changed into different colors.

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